Hello World!

It’s finally here!  My official blog.  It’s been on my list of todos for a long, long time and now I finally have some incentive (Micro$oft) to actively write.

I recently changed roles at Microsoft so now I’m a Technical Evangelist for Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) in US-West.  Best job ever!  I spend my time working with companies across the region to help them develop apps for Azure, Windows 8, and Windows Phone, which also happen to be my three favorite platforms.  It’s been a fantastic experience so far and I’m happy I made the change.  I’m hoping to use this blog as a means of sharing my experience as a Microsoft Technical Evangelist.

In addition to working at MSFT.  I also spend time developing my own applications.  I’ve got a couple of Win8/WP apps in the store, a very robust Treasury Workstation running on Azure, a Win Form app, and several web sites I’ve built along the way.  Check them out!